The Low Capital High Ridership Financial Model

How can you claim a 100 year service life on the rails?

  • The 100 year service life applies to the rail foundation. Rails will have to be replaced as a matter of wear and tear, but in doing so, the whole road does not get torn up. The rail gets removed from the rail frame and replaced. The steel foundation is engineered for a 100 year service life but like the El's in Chicago, which are already up to 130 years old, steel lasts.
A white and black train on tracks near a street.

How can ULRT be the quietest of the transit technologies. Isn't rail rail?

  • ULRT turns tight corners on it's tires. There is no way that rail to wheel resonance, also known as squeaking or screeching, can happen. To minimize the clacking associated with rails where they join, ULRT systems will use a compound mitered/radiused joint that will minimize any noise that could be created as the wheel transitions from one rail section to the next.
  • For route sections lined with theatres, cafes and museums ULRV's can transition to tires on rails which is the quietest of all. Patrons of the movies and museums need never hear the rumble of a passing train.

How can ULRT's be smoother than LRT's. They are both on rails?

  • ULRT's are smoothest due to lack of switches in the rail infrastructure. How fast will a ULRT go?
  • Speeds are limited by local speed limits. Inter city speeds, when on dedicated rails unencumbered by roads will peak at about 70 mph.

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ULRT is the only low cost, high ridership model. The result is profitable operation.

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